Редкостная Сова
Листая книгу про американского художника, пишущего исключительно интерьеры, наткнулась на пару цитат, которые неимоверно меня умилили:

Pauline Potter, before she became the Baroness Pauline De Rothschild, occupied a very small one-room flat on Sutton Place. One day the famed jewelry designer, Duke Di Verdura, rang her up. The cleaning lady answered and asked, "Who's calling?" "Just tell her it's Fulco, Fulco Di Verdura." She answered, "I will check to see if she is here." His reply: "Are you going to look under the bed?"
Babs Simpson, Vogue fashion editor.

We were friends in New York City and lived in the same apartment building. This closeness delighted her becouse, "I can always run over and borrow a cup of money!"
Hermione Gingold

Вопрос остался только один, как эти цитаты относились к художнику? Наверно стоило её не листать, а всё таки читать)